Dating reality format available worldwide, excluding Canada
Finished programmes (10 seasons)

A glamorous, unique dating show that brings together a group of girls and a group of guys, both single, in search of love and adventure. The groups live separately, each in a neighboring luxury home. The singles in both households meet up for adventures, activities, and trips all over the world! No effort is spared to create connections: group activities, couples outings, and dreamy rendezvous… Each week, the drama heats up during the elimination dinner, at which the girls eliminate the guys and the guys eliminate the girls. Contestants are not only working to be the best within their own houses, but also have to know how to master their game to stay in the good books of the opposite house. The stakes are higher than ever, since no matter your strategy, the neighbors next door may be plotting your exit. Nobody is safe and elimination is imminent, until one couple is elected the Big Winner during the Grand Finale! Our winners leave as a couple, with hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes, including a home or condo. Double the passion, double the romance, and double the drama... when you’re next door to love!

New French Trailer (2017)